About Us

About Us

Diamond Road British Cattery is a small, family-run cattery, and our breeding program produces gorgeous British Shorthair and British Longhair cats that are a joy to spend time with. We are proudly registered with ANCATS and our membership number is 11413.

We breed British Shorthair and Longhair cats in a variety of colours, with most being blue, lilac or one of the lovely tortoiseshell colours.

Our cats are an important part of our every day lives.The primary focus of our property is horse stud, and our original cats were purchased because we wanted to add to our family 'a couple of cats' that were not only beautiful, but were easy-care and easy-going. We have several visitors every week to look at horses, and we wanted a breed of cat who would be open and friendly with new people...and something 'a little different'. I am a great lover of beautiful things, and it gives me much pleasure to look across the green paddocks where the horses graze, and the occasional British Shorthair explores the gardens or basks in the sun.

Our cats do not live in small cages and they each have access to outside for a time each day so they are free to 'be cats' and have a rich and dynamic life. Our females are loved as pets as their individual likes and dislikes we try to cater for. Some like to sit on the couch and watch TV with us, others like to follow us around the farm as we do our work...we try to create a wonderland for our girls.

Our first three females, Blaise (chocolate tortie and white), Jerry (blue bicolour pictured above) and Heather (lilac) were purchased from breeders to be pets essentially. Upon their arrival, there was much interest in Blaise from a number of established breeders, and thus our interest was peaked, and we decided to breed a litter from each of them.

These three original ladies really got us hooked. Each day, they would explore the property with us, checking on the horses and investigating their world. Jerry, the natural leader of the group was usually out in front, Blaise close behind her and then Heather, usually wanting to be carried!

We had always admired the British Longhair variant that is popular across in Europe, and wanted to breed them in Australia. We felt that the British Longhair was healthier, more user-friendly alternative to the Persian. At that time, we could not find a breeder who would engage in conversation about longhairs, let alone sell us a queen. We were so lucky to find Kizshahzi Madonna in New Zealand, and bought her home. She is a wonderful pet, however she was not a lucky mother so after producing only two kittens, she was desexed and now enjoys her life of luxury. Her son Caesar, who carries the longhair gene, produced a daughter with one of Blaises daughters, and this line is what we have continued with today.

Our British cats give us so much pleasure, and we cannot recommend this breed highly enough for anyone wanting a loving and beautiful cat.