The kittens at Diamond Road will come registered with ANCATs, twice vaccinated, microchipped, vet checked and desexed by our vet. Our kittens can leave us from 12 weeks of age. Females may stay a little longer after being desexed to recover.

Our Kittens are $2750 and we require a deposit of $550 at the time of purchase, and the final amount is payable at 10 weeks old, before your kitten is desexed. Once your kitten is reserved, I will endeavour to take photos of him or her from time to time, however please understand this is just a hobby, and although I love taking photos of the kittens, I cannot spend much time doing so. If you are looking for progress photos every day, it would probably be better for everyone if you purchased a kitten from another breeder at this time.

The deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE if you withdraw from the sale. We will refund your deposit should our cats not produce your desired colour or sex during the season (the season runs from 1st September to 30 March).

Our kittens are well handled and experienced with children, dogs and even horses. They are all individuals, with their own unique quirks and personality traits. Some are shy, some are bold, some are natural leaders in their litter and some are everyone's best friend...most go through phases of being all of these personalities. We pick our kittens up, cuddle them, and so they are used to being carried around and petted. Your kitten will benefit greatly from this love and attention being continued when he or she comes home.

Our kittens will be fed Royal Canin Mother and Babycat in dry and wet food, as well as beef and chicken mince. They will be litter trained, and treated for internal and external parasites with Revolution or Advocate (please note we do not use Revolution Plus on small kittens or our breeding cats, however you are free to make your own decisions on this as your cat matures. We do use it on our desexed cats that roam outside here). It is advisable to treat your kitten once more when it enters your home.

Many of our kittens are purchased by people who have purchased kittens previously from us. If you are looking for something special, please email us so you do not miss out as we have a waiting list. People often think they have many weeks to decide on a kitten, however usually the kittens are reserved soon after we post their photos. It is always best to know you are ready for a kitten before enquiring, as we do not enjoy having to disappoint people when their kitten has been reserved by someone else.


  • Royal Canin Kitten Dry Food (pink packaging)
    • I allow my cats to have free choice of dry food as it helps stop rushing their food and causing obesity or choke.
  • Royal Canin Kitten Wet Food (pink packaging)
    • I feed wet food at night as it is more convenient, however when you feed your cat is your choice based on convenience.
  • A small tray of full fat beef or chicken mince (note, they do not enjoy pork or lamb)
    • Nobody likes to eat the same thing every day, so I sometimes give mince or a raw chicken wing to spice things up!
  • Kitty Litter tray or box
  • Breeders Choice Kitty Litter
  • Bowls for food and water
  • A warm and dry place to sleep/basket
  • Sleeping crate - if you don't have a small room for your kitten to safely stay in, a crate is a great idea. It can house the litter tray, food and a bed and your kitten will be safely contained when you are not watching.
  • Travel crate - we do not allow our kittens to travel home in a box or in your arms
  • Toys and scratching post
  • Revolution or Advocate parasite treatment
  • Brush - we recommend the Furminator for all kittens, as well as a long toothed comb for the longhairs.
  • We wash our kittens in dry shampoo, there are several brands available at your local pet store.


  • Designate a living space area where they can safely and comfortably settle in. It should be the same room as where you intend their litter tray to be. New houses can be daunting for young kittens, and they can easily get lost. It is important your kitten knows where it litter tray is, otherwise bad habits may be developed. It is important the kittens spends most of its first two or three days in this area, and comes out for supervised play time.
  • Kitten proof the area by removing any items that are potentially hazardous.
  • Provide a cosy sleeping area where they can rest after a busy day of travelling.
  • Place toys, water and food in the area, and leave the kitten for an hour or so to settle in. If the kitten cries and wants attention, stay there and comfort it.
  • It is important to remember that today will be the first day your kitten has been separated from their littermates, and all that is familiar to them, so don't be discouraged if they seem a little nervous or confused, or don't want to be held. Make sure you are in an enclosed, safe environment before opening the crate. I like to open the crate right in front of the litter tray so the kitten knows immediately where it is.
  • Young children should ALWAYS be supervised when handling kittens. KIttens are not naturally aggressive however if handled roughly they may scratch to free themselves of unwanted attention. This is not the fault of the kitten, please teach your children the proper way to handle your pets.