Blaise and her babies

While the world goes mad with coronavirus, it’s nice to be reminded of a mother’s love. Blaise is our oldest cat, she was our first, and also our crankiest. Blaise was cattery reared, and we expect did not have a lot of handling as a kitten. She can be petted on her own terms...but being picked up is a death defying sport. Blaise was only ever happy when she had kittens...during that time she could be snuggled, carried, loved...anything really.

Because of this, we never had her desexed and we let her make up her own mind. She stopped having kittens of her own years ago, and became our somewhat cranky farm cat.

This year, she has taken over the role of being mother to ALL of the kittens. Every morning Blaise leaves the foot of my bed and marches out to actually feed the kittens, then stays with them all day until it’s time to go to bed again. She won’t even eat their food, but she also won’t share her night time bed haha. This one pictured here with her, is actually her great, great granddaughter that we call Peach, who will soon go off to her new home.