Diamond Road Creme Au Chocolat

Gender: Female

Coat: Chocolate Tortie Smoke

Owner: Diamond Road British Cattery

Breeder: Diamond Road British Cattery

(Fulhunt Fine Mystic Merlin x Zwei-Farbe Modesty Blaise)

From our very first ever litter, Diamond Road Creme au Chocolat holds a very special place in our hearts.

Like her dam Blaise, Chocolat has been a wonderful mother, and her kittens have always been very popular due to the vast array of colours that she produces. Chocolat also inherited one copy of the longhair gene from her father, and thus she is the mother of most of the longhair kittens that feature on these pages. Chocolat is great friends with our British Longhair retired female Madonna, and they can often be seen playing together.

Chocolat is a bandit for sneaking her kittens on to our bed at times, as you can see from these photos. She is an extremely gentle and kind cat, who loves to be carried around like a baby and getting her chin scratched.

PKD - Clear

Longhair - N/Y (carries one copy of the gene)

FIV/FELV - Negative

Blood Group - B

Gold Champion

Fulhunt Fine Mystic Merlin


Opal DB Gold Champion

Elondale Bandit

Blue Bicolour

Bronze GD CH

Marshall Park Tasman

GL Db Gd Ch & CCC of A CH

Kypriano Chifley


Kendrick Camelot (NZ)

Grand Champion

Elondale Elle

Grand Champion

Sherle Charmer

Elondale Moody Blue

Gold Double Champion

Obanya Black Cherry


Zwei Farbe Karl

Chocolate Bicolour

Zwei Farbe Herbietu

Dekarshai Chocoleshia

Obanya Willie Wilde


Britcat Wild Thyme

Obanya Blue Tartlet

Zwei-Farbe Modesty Blaise

Chocolate Tortie Bicolour

Gold Double Champion

Zwei Farbe Choc Jacque

Chocolate Van

Zwei Farbe Danny Boy

Chocolate Bicolour

Zwei Farbe Karl

Chocolate Bicolour

Zwei Farbe Ammona

Blue Bicolour

Britlyn Chocolate Eclair

Chocolate Bicolour

Zwei Farbe Khamal

Britlyn Double Delight

Zwei Farbe Brunella

Lilac Tortoiseshell

Rajah Bailey's Irish Cream

Bnz Double Gold Champion

Ke-Li Oscar

Rajah Princess Chloe

Brittasweet Sarah


Zwei Farbe Tonga

Zwei Farbe Ammona

Blue Bicolour


Diamond Road Lady Fleur

Diamond Road Lady Fleur

Diamond Road Caesar X Diamond Road Creme Au Chocolat

Diamond Road Ebony Rose

Diamond Road Ebony Rose

Britern Battle of Wills X Diamond Road Creme Au Chocolat